Letter from the President

June, 2009

Good day and welcome. TCI understands you have unique business challenges in an economy that’s shown to be unprecedented in this generation. How to provide goods and services at competitive prices, maintain profitability, sustain market share, and keep a competitive edge are some of the business functions challenged on a daily basis in this new era. TCI exists for two reasons: for it’s customers and employees. This interchangeable dependence drives TCI to solve business problems daily to create value in your supply chain.

I believe TCI can be a valuable partner for all of your logistic needs. TCI’s vast network of asset based and third party relationships allows for timely information and cost effective sourcing as deadlines approach. Our company is committed to your job as if the cargo were ours. From day one through completion of any project, TCI’s aim is to provide timely information at critical events. In essence, our job isn’t done until the delivery of information and cargo is perfected.

TCI drives its business with the basics, low operating expenses and high client expectations—not only to maintain profitability, but also to reinvest in its asset based network. This network includes leading information systems and world-class port warehouse facilities—all designed to lower and control your bottom line. To reiterate the human factor, TCI’s growth and expansion couldn’t have been possible without the dedication of its employees and the communities that have welcomed it.

In closing, TCI will continue to provide a strong work ethic for its customers and its customers’ customer. Through this hard work, TCI aims to raise the bar to a level that sets a new standard. I also believe in TCI’s fiduciary role to pay it forward, and for this reason we are proud to be involved with many excellent charitable non-profit organizations you’ll see under the ‘Community’ tab on our Website. Thank you again for visiting with TCI and we hope to be a valuable resource and partner in the near and continuing future.

Christian Jensen

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley


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