Locations: New Orleans, LA




  • Intermodal Trucking - shipping containers & flat racks
  • Domestic trucking - 53 ft dry vans
    45 Local City Driver Fleet
    45 Over the Road Driver Fleet
  • Warehousing
    250,000 Total sq. ft. Warehouse /
    Freight Consolidation Services
  • Logistical Consulting
  • Break-bulk Handling
  • Container Depot Services
    10 Acre Full Function
    Container Depot Station
  • Consolidation
  • Packaging

Corporate Headquarters:

3900 France Road Pkwy., New Orleans, LA 70126
Tel: (504) 734-0561
Fax: (504) 734-7901
Work Order Fax Q: (206) 600-5557

New Orleans Warehouse:
3900 France Road Pkwy., New Orleans, LA 70126

Esplanade Warehouse:
2 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Warehouse Phone Numbers:
Tel: (504) 943-0681
Fax: (504) 943-0684

Corporate Headquarters

  Jack Jensen Chief Executive Officer
  Christian Jensen President of the Jensen Companies
  Jeffrey Louis President
  Dave Lagasse VP - Sales
  Paul Gagnet Sales
  Chip Schifano Sales
  Glenda Jensen Human Resources Manager
  Peggy Neidballa HR/Accounting Assistant
  Jody Jensen Operations Manager
  Christian Howard Regional Operations Manager
  Martina Harcarova Global Logistics Manager
  Louis Rodriguez TCI Packaging President
  Tina Zeller OPS Cost Control Manager
  Beau Albert Safety Director/Loss Control/Risk Management
  Gail Anderson Driver Support
  Tiffany Campise Accounting Manager
  Crystal Heirsch Accounts Payable
  Jamie Schayot Accounts Payable
  Japene Sterling Payables/Purchasing
  Tonia Battiste Accounts Receivable Manager
  Keiona Nellon Accounts Receivable
  Susan Kelso Driver Support/Accounting
  Jerry Jensen Maintenance Director
  Sharon Hueschen Receptionist

Brokerage Services


  Jon Jensen Brokerage Manager
  Bertha Gutierrez Brokerage Assistant

Container Yard

(504) 944-8308

  Kathy Graff Driver Support/Hiring Specialist
  Kristie Lopez Safety Director/Admin Assistant
  Nikki Parman Driver support

Esplanade Warehouse

(504) 943-0681

  Earl Jones Facility Manager
  Amy Swain Warehouse Customer Service



  Jody Jensen Operations Manager
  Isaac Murphy Dispatcher
  Desiree Luquette Dispatcher
  Brittany Abate Dispatcher
  John Keim Dispatcher

Customer Service


  Sara Gardella CSR Manager
  Candice Johnson CSR
  Samantha Nunez CSR